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Extension Readings - R Extension Readings - ILA Extension Readings - GI Extension Readings - INV Extension Readings - GH Extension Readings - GC Learning Objective 3 <strong>Learning Objectives:</strong><br> The candidate will understand how the risks faced by an entity can be quantified and the use of metrics to measure risk. Learning Objective 4 <strong>Learning Objectives:</strong><br> The candidate will understand the approaches for managing risks and how an entity makes decisions about appropriate techniques. Learning Objective 5 <strong>Learning Objectives:</strong><br> The candidate will understand the concept of economic capital, risk measures in capital assessment and techniques to allocate the cost of risks within business units. Learning Objective 2 <strong>Learning Objectives:</strong><br> The candidate will understand the concepts of risk modeling and be able to evaluate and understand the importance of risk models. Learning Objective 1 <strong>Learning Objectives:</strong><br> The candidate will understand the types of risks faced by an entity and be able to identify and analyze these risks.
About the Syllabus Material Category [Learning Center] (1)
ERM-402-12: Countering the Biggest Risk of All [Extension Readings - GC] (1)
ERM-513-13: Extending the Insurance ERM Criteria to the Health Insurance Sector [Extension Readings - GH] (1)
ERM-330-17: Barton Waring Liability–Relative Investing I [Extension Readings - INV] (1)
Incentive Compensation/Risk Management – Integration Incentive Alignment and Risk Mitigation [Extension Readings - GC] (1)
ERM-127-17: Quantitative Enterprise Risk Management - Ch. 2: Risk Taxonomy [Learning Objective 1] (1)
ERM-330-17: Liability Relative Investing I [Extension Readings - R] (1)
ERM-815-15: Basel Committee – Developments in Modelling Risk Aggregation [Extension Readings - GC] (1)
ERM-105-12: Coherent Measures of Risk – An Exposition for the Lay Actuary [Learning Objective 3] (1)
Human Dynamics of Insurance Cycles and Implications for Insurers [Extension Readings - GI] (1)
ERM-705-12: P&C RAROC: A Catalyst for the Improved Capital Management in the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry [Extension Readings - GI] (1)
ERM-118-14: Model Validation Principles Applied to Risk and Capital Models in the Insurance Industry [Learning Objective 2] (1)
Value at Risk - Ch.5: Computing VaR [Learning Objective 2] (1)
ERM-521-17: Risk Transfer Formula for Individual and Small Group Markets under the Affordable Care Act [Extension Readings - GH] (1)
Embedded Options in Pension Plans, pp. 6-7 and 28-60 [Extension Readings - R] (1)
ERM-414-17: A Tale of Two Formulas [Extension Readings - GC] (1)
ERM-102-12: Value-at-Risk: Evolution, Deficiencies, and Alternatives [Learning Objective 2] (1)
ERM-103-12: Basel Committee - Developments in Modelling Risk Aggregation [Learning Objective 2] (1)
ERM-816-17: SIFI Designation and its Potential Impact on Nonbank Financial Companies [Extension Readings - GC] (1)
Modeling Tail Behavior with Extreme Value Theory, Risk Management [Learning Objective 2] (1)
ERM-123-14: S&P Enterprise Risk Management Criteria (paragraphs 72-73) [Extension Readings - ILA] (1)
ERM-522-17: Risk Selection Threatens Quality of Care for Certain Patients: Lessons from Europe’s Health Insurance Exchanges [Extension Readings - GH] (1)
ERM-130-18: AAA Model Governance Practice Note [Learning Objective 4] (1)
ERM-814-15: Cognitive Bias and their Implications on the Financial Market [Extension Readings - GC] (1)
FERM - Ch.15.5: Unquantifiable Risks [Learning Objective 2] (1)
Corporate Pension Risk Management and Corporate Finance: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice in Pension Risk Management [Extension Readings - R] (1)
ERM-321-14: LDI Evolution: Implementing Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategies that Respond to Changes in Funded Status [Extension Readings - R] (1)
ERM-412-17: Surrenders in the Life Insurance Industry (through Section 4) [Extension Readings - ILA] (1)
ERM-101-12: Measurement and Modeling of Dependencies in Economic Capital [Learning Objective 2] (1)
ERM-112-12: Revisiting the Role of Insurance Company ALM within a Risk Management Framework [Learning Objective 4] (1)