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ERM-415-17: Strategic Risk Management in Insurance: Navigating the Rough Wates Ahead (1)
ERM-705-12: P&C RAROC: A Catalyst for the Improved Capital Management in the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry (1)
ERM-708-13: Natural Catastrophe Loss Modeling (1)
ERM-710-14: Allocation of Capital in the Insurance Industry (1)
ERM-711-16: Risk Appetite for a General Insurance Undertaking (1)
ERM-712-16: Catastrophe Modelling: Guidance for Non-Catastrophe Modellers (1)
ERM-713-16: Stochastic Modelling of Catastrophe Risks in DFA Models (1)
ERM-714-18: U.S. Property-Casualty: Underwriting Cycle Modeling and Risk Benchmarks (1)
ERM for Property-Casualty Insurance Companies (1)
Human Dynamics of Insurance Cycles and Implications for Insurers (1)
Egulatory Capital Standards for Property and Casualty Insurers under US, Canadian and Proposed Solvency II (Standard) Formulas (1)
Research paper on Quantification of Variability in P&C Liabilities (1)
ERM-123-14: S&P Enterprise Risk Management Criteria (Paragraphs 74-81) (1)