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Group Insurance: Ch.39 (Risk Based Capital Formulas) and 42 (Enterprise Risk Management for Group Health Insurers) (1)
ERM-512-13: Economics and Financing (1)
ERM-513-13: Extending the Insurance ERM Criteria to the Health Insurance Sector (1)
ERM-515-14: Health Insurance Market Reforms: Rate Restrictions (1)
ERM-517-15: The Cost of Waiting (1)
ERM-518-17: NAIC Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) Guidance Manual (1)
ERM-519-17: Top Health Industry Issues of 2016 (1)
ERM-520-17: Differing Impacts of Market Concentration on Affordable Care Act (1)
ERM-521-17: Risk Transfer Formula for Individual and Small Group Markets under the Affordable Care Act (1)
ERM-522-17: Risk Selection Threatens Quality of Care for Certain Patients: Lessons from Europe’s Health Insurance Exchanges (1)
ERM-523-18: Why are Many Co-Ops Failing? (1)
ERM-524-18: Life, Health and Annuity Reinsurance (1)
Risk & Mitigation for Health Insurance Companies (1)
ERM-123-14: S&P Enterprise Risk Management Criteria (Paragraphs 72-73, 82-85) (1)