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ERM-123-14: S&P Enterprise Risk Management Criteria (paragraphs 72-73) (1)
ERM-331-17: Quantifying the Mortality-Longevity Offset (1)
ERM-401-12: Mapping of Life Insurance Risks (1)
ERM-405-14: Secondary Guarantee Universal Life - Practical Considerations (1)
ERM-407-14: Equity Indexed Annuities: Downside Protection, But at What Cost? (1)
ERM-408-14: The Captive Triangle: Where Life Insurers’ Reserve and Capital Requirements Disappear (1)
ERM-409-14: A Brief Primer on Financial Reinsurance (1)
ERM-410-14: Coinsurance and its Variants (1)
ERM-411-17: Repercussions of a Sustained Interest-Rate Environment on Life Insurance Products (1)
ERM-412-17: Surrenders in the Life Insurance Industry (through Section 4) (1)
ERM-413-17: Hedging for Liabilities in Life Insurance Companies (1)
ERM-414-17: A Tale of Two Formulas (1)
ERM-415-17: Strategic Risk Management in Insurance: Navigating the Rough Waters Ahead (1)
How Fair Value Measurement Changes Risk Management Behavior in the Insurance Industry (1)
Global Mortality Improvement Experience and Projection Techniques (1)
Modeling of Policyholder Behavior for Live Insurance and Annuity Products (1)