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Value at Risk - Ch.8: Multivariate Models (6)
Value at Risk - Ch.11: VAR Mapping (7)
Value at Risk - Ch.17: VAR and Risk Budgeting in Investment Management (9)
ERM-329-17: Risk Factors as building blocks for Portfolio Diversification: The Chemistry of Asset Allocation (1)
ERM-330-17: Barton Waring Liability–Relative Investing I (1)
RM-610-17: Barton Waring Liability–Relative Investing II (1)
ERM-611-17: Investment Management for Insurers - Ch.26: The Use of Derivatives in Managing Equity Portfolios (1)
ERM-612-17: Modern Investment Management: An Equilibrium Approach - Ch.7: Beyond Equilibrium, the Black-Litterman Approach (1)
ERM-613-17: Managing Investment Portfolios - Ch.6 (1)