A Fellowship Forums Gift Card Giveaway!


The vision of this forum is to encourage collaboration with students to discuss difficult concepts. There is a large body of evidence that one of the most effective learning techniques is learning through collaboration and open discussion.

As an added incentive (beyond the proven study benefits!) we are giving away two $50 Amazon gift cards!

The draw for the first gift card will be for everyone who has an account and makes one post before February 28th, 2019. This could be in the learning center, exam center, or even in the Everything Else section. Anything counts!

The draw for the second gift card will be based on participation. Every time you contribute to the discussion (could be answering questions, asking questions, asking follow-up questions, confirming an answer, suggesting an answer) you will receive an extra entry into the second draw. The draw for the second gift card will take place 1 week after the Spring 2019 ERM Exam.

We hope these incentives will encourage collaboration for everyone, so that the powerful benefits of cooperative learning can be achieved!

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