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Summary of the key takeaways for this section of the case study:

Section 1

  • A diversified U.S. public holding company
  • Mission: Enhancing shareholder value through the active management of long-term investments and responsible corporate citizenship
  • 30% privately owned (by Lyon Family) and 70% publicly owned
  • Owns the following companies
    • Simple Life: Universal life, term life, SPIA, variable annuities (ROP, GMDB, GMAB, GWAB)
    • AHA: Individual and group health insurance, long-term care
    • Pryde: Commercial and personal line products
    • Helios: Life insurance, disability insurance, and a combination illness/disability/life insurance product.
  • Board of Directors
    • 12 members (4 in Lyon family, 6 outside members)
    • 4 committees: Executive, Audit, Compensation, Related Party and Conduct Review
  • Lyon Corporation has a rating of A- (Super) from Kelly Ratings

Section 2

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Kind of a broad question, but since the case study is obviously fairly large, does anyone have any advice for what we should focus on while we’re reading it, or how much time we should spend on it prior to the exam?


Hi Gojetsgo,

Keep in mind that you really only need to read the sections of the case study that correspond to your extension, so it isn’t that long.

I would be sure to go over it thoroughly a few times prior to the exam, so at the very least you know where all of the sections are and what is covered in them! As you go through the case study, try and make connections to the source material as much as possible, and try to look for things that the companies are doing “wrong” - as it may be possible to spot some of the exam questions prior to the exam!

I also found that making condensed notes on the case study helped me learn it and memorize it well enough to be fairly comfortable with it going into the exam. We’ve started doing this above (in the Community post), but feel free to add to it if you wish!