ERM-523-18: Why are Many Co-Ops Failing?


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Topics Covered in this Reading:

  • Background
    • Beginnings: From Concept to Federal Program
    • Bumps in the Road: Policy Barriers to Competition
    • Revised Expectations
    • About This Study
  • Research Findings
    • Preparing to Launch: Start-Up Challenges and Early Decisions
    • Outsourcing Key Services: A Blessing and a Curse
    • Marketing: Getting Creative
    • Lessons of Benefit Design: Good Guys Finish Last
    • Market Dynamics and Pricing Strategies: The Goldilocks Problem
    • The Enrollment Roller Coaster: The Risks of High vs. Low Enrollment
    • The ACA’s Premium Stabilization Programs
    • Adjusting to Market Conditions: Recalibrating in 2015 and 2016
  • Policy Discussion