Exam Center - Problem & Solution Images

I have noticed that some problems in the Exam Center have the problem & solution images included in the topic thread, while other problems seem to be unintentionally missing the images.

For example, GHCORU Spring 2019 - Question 1 includes the both images:

But GHADV Spring 2019 - Question 1 does not:

I am wondering whether you are still planning on attaching the images to these threads, or if it hasn’t been brought to your attention that they were missing.

I haven’t gotten too deep into past exam problems yet, but I already I know I am going to love this feature. It is super helpful for:

  • Having recent problems from different exams all in one location
  • Having a convenient place to discuss confusing aspects of the problem
  • Being able to time ourselves & track level of difficulty
  • Staying focused while attempting past exam problems (i.e. rather than having to dig up separate files for each problem & solution on the SOA website)
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Hey @kidactuary,

Thanks for bringing this up, and for the feedback. It’s nice to hear you find this tool so useful :slight_smile:. We are currently updating the Group ADV exams; should be completed in the next couple of days.

Hope studying is going well, and best of luck in your final push!

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Having the problems and solutions for the exams on this board is very awesome. I realized somewhat late in studying process that the posts were actually populated with the problems and solutions. (I thought they were just placeholders)

It’s really wonderful.
My request is to populate the exam center for the FV exam in the next 2 months, just in case I did pass DP last week. I promise I’ll post on FV when I get to it.

I also have a suggestion to put in the link to the applicable case study, but this is extra.