Fall 2018 - Exam Progress


@tinou35 @MattyM This is where the beauty of forums come into play! Please ask as many questions as you have, and together, we can collaborate and talk through the concepts together to better develop our understanding. You do still have LOTS of time, so stay focused and diligent, and keep on working through the material at a steady pace.


@Aaron_Yanofsky : the problem is not really to understand the concepts…but more to retain the amount of materials. The concept are, most of the time, quite understable in the documents, but there are so many things to retain by heart in order to be able to answer the questions…


@tinou35 when i studied, I found that constantly discussing concepts with friends and on forums best helped me memorize and retain the material.

So not only can you use the forum as a place to learn the concepts and ask questions, but you can also use it as a platform to have general discussion about anything on the exam to help stick it in your brain!

For example, you can test yourself by typing out what you believe to be the “key takeaways” for a specific reading, or how that reading may be tested, and see if others agree or what their perspectives are. Or you can ask how a topic fits in with the learning objective or the ERM frameworks in general! Each of these discussions/conversations well help you better understand the material, and help force it into your memory.


How is studying going for everyone? Has anyone tried using the Exam Center yet to test themselves on past exams? Thoughts/feedback?

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