Feedback for Fall 2019 Exam Sitting

Hi all,

Now that the exam sitting is done, we would like to get some feedback on the forum. This has been the most active sitting to date and we are extremely happy with that - but being a new platform, we are looking for ways to both improve the forum, and to bring more people in.

We would like to understand where you find value in the forum, and where we should be focusing our efforts going forward.

If you have any feedback (both good and bad) or suggestions for the forum in general - We would love to hear it.

Thanks, and congratulations again on finishing!


I do have feedback!

What’s great: the exam center when it’s populated with the relevant problems and solutions. I’m selfishly asking for the FV exam center to be populated before January, in case I passed DP last week.

What’s not great: making the forums read only the entire week of exams. This is overkill, there has to be a less drastic solution. Right before and right after is when everyone most wants to post! I don’t know if you can make different sub forums read only over different days. Or have increased moderating presence. Maybe you can even make it so every single post has to be approved before it gets published.

You should also consider letting the major seminar authors like Mate seminars and TIA post or be able to share information. On the other board they posted syllabus updates. How can they do that here?


One more thing: adding the link to the applicable case study when the problem calls for it (or just all the time) would be awesome. But this is extra.

Thanks for the feedback Barrel!

I agree that the exam center is something unique to our forum, it’s great to hear that you find value in it. Did you make use of the various features? (Timer, rating the difficulty).
Once the FV exam and solutions are posted, we can post it in the exam center.

We can look into this. It’s tricky when a single exam can be spread over the course of two days, as what happened with the group exams this sitting.

Actually, @MATEseminars.dc does have an account on the forum! I think currently the best place to post non exam-question specific, non reading-specific posts (such as syllabus updates) would be in the exam progress thread.

Do you have an example of this? Sorry, I’m more familiar with the ERM track than group. Where would you recommend us posting the case study?

I did not make use of the timer. I rated difficulty of some questions. I may have been the only one rating them, so it wasn’t of much use to me. It may be more useful in the future. I learned that the exam center was actually populated with problems pretty late in my studying, when I had already gone through the exams at least once. It’s great for discussing specific problems. I would have made greater use of it if it was available thru my first pass of the exams.

Case study: usually Health exams come with a case study. The case study is I believe updated every year. Some questions say: “this question pertains to the case study”. In that case, we’ll have to look something up in the case study.

For example:

In this case I had the most recent case study, but I needed to look into the specific case study for this exam because it changed even though this exam is relatively recent. The relevant case study could be linked in the question post. Or all the case studies could be in a single post. “Case study links”

I’ve realized that you have both Core and Advanced exams in the DP Exam Center. It would be extra nice to sort out the problems by learning objective and move about half of them to FV. It’ll make it a lot easier for users.

To cut the process in half, it’s VERY easy to sort the Core exams. Morning is FV, and afternoon is DP. Always! So really only the advanced exams need to be sorted question by question. I do make my own sort I rely on which may not be perfect, so I can live without this feature. But if you’re looking to engage people that aren’t just me (and a couple others that were motivated enough to participate), this would help a lot. The seminar authors also prepare their own sorts, perhaps there can be a collaboration.

@Barrel thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated. I think it would be great to collaborate with @MATEseminars.dc on sorting the core and advanced exams!

Couple questions for the users of our forum this sitting:

  1. Curious if there are other forums available to students in the Group track, for example: study manual providers own forums? Right now, we are trying to determine why the forum for Group was so successful this sitting, while stagnant for the other tracks. Any theories would be more than welcome :slight_smile:

  2. Would you be willing to pay a small fee (ie 10 - 20 USD one time subscription) for access to this forum to help cover the operating costs? Do you think this would better attract students who are willing to participate in discussion?

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Or to generalize the conversation even more,

Do you have any suggestions to bring more students in next sitting, or to get students to join the discussion? I’ve noticed we’ve gained a ton of new users this sitting, but only a handful of people are actually posting.


I have answers!

I think there were slightly more group health posters due to the transition in the group health track. The forums on actuarial outpost are still labeled core and advanced. Here it’s DP and FV. A couple of candidates, most notably kidactuary made the decision to post primarily here and not there.

I’m not sure you’ll get more users with charging a fee. I don’t see this as a part of my studying, not really. Commiserating with other candidates is just for fun. There have been exams where I don’t talk to other candidates at all, or at least not until after the exam, and there is no impact on the results.

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Thanks @Barrel for the feedback! @kidactuary do you have any comments?

Do others see this forum as not being apart of your studying prep and more just for fun? Do you find you get true value out of the discussions you have here?

Sorry I’m late to the party.
This forum is infinitely better than AO. It is more organized and to me, that is a huge plus.

I am sorry to hear that it is closing down next month! Can I ask why? Are there any plans to transition to a different forum project? Fingers crossed!

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Hi birdnerd,

Thanks for your feedback!

While it has been a fun project, the forum unfortunately hasn’t gained enough traction to justify the costs to run and maintain it.

We are definitely open to exploring other opportunities in the future though, so who knows what will happen!


Sorry to hear that, but that is completely understandable. It’s too bad there weren’t enough posters for this forum to get off the ground. Maybe FSA test takers are too aware of how competitive it is and they’re afraid of explaining something and having the other person do better.

For what it’s worth I did pass my exam!