GH DP Fall 2019 Progress Thread

I’m going to enjoy not studying!!

I’m more than ok with the next exam being end of April. I think that’s enough time, that’s almost 4 months. I have zero desire to do the modules. It’s too early in the process for me. If I’m dying to study something in the next 2 months, I’ll probably review the ASOPs because they never really go away. ASOPs 23 and 41 are explicitly on every exam.

When they release the exam I probably won’t be able to stop myself from going through the entire exam and adding up my potential points. But I will try to stop myself!


I went through the Design and Pricing exam that was posted.

I’ve classified the exam points into math, lists, and discussion. There is some overlap with how Dustin classifies exam points, but it’s slightly different. Math category is the easiest to classify- anything that requires calculation is math points.


  • List
  • Define
  • Describe
  • Explain
  • Compare/Contrast


  • Discuss
  • Recommend
  • Propose, Justify
  • Critique
  • Evaluate
  • Explain (problem specific)
  • Describe when it’s problem specific
  • Rank and justify (problem specific)
  • Compare/Contrast when it’s problem specific (does not happen on this exam)

According to my classification system, the Design and Pricing exam was 41% math points, 36% lists, and 23% discussion. I’m disappointed at the 41% math, I wanted and expected more math points.


How to study for first FSA Group Health track exam? I am looking for some free sources to self study first until I finish all ASA exam requirements.

I found this website from reading a post on Actuarial Outpost. I am still waiting for PA exam result (that’s the last requirement for getting ASA) and have not studied for any FSA exam before. I expect the exam style and study strategy will be a lot different than ASA exams. If I pass PA, I will study for my first FSA exam.

I have done all FSA modules many months ago, but they were a bit more difficult than FAP modules. However, I expect first FSA exam (used to be called Group Core) will be much more difficult than the modules.

Thanks for any help.

I’m going to answer the “How can I start preparing for free” question.

Start by reading the syllabus list. Some of the articles/ readings are publicly available, so you can start by reading them. For example- there was a 9 point problem on Tiered Network Health Plans on the exam that just happened (Fall 2019 Group Health Design Pricing Advanced portion), and the source material for that is an article that is free and publicly available. Everything that’s not in one of the textbooks or in the study note is available for your enjoyment.

The ASOPs are always publicly available, you can’t go wrong with reading those. You can also look at past exams. [After reading the TNHP article, you can find the TNHP problem from the past exam, and attempt to do it]

Your first FSA exam will probably be Design and Pricing, it’s actually a mix of old core and old advanced.