GHDP-129-19: Pricing Critical Illness Insurance in Canada

Use this thread to discuss ANYTHING and EVERYTHING related to this syllabus reading.
Some possible questions include:

  • How can this reading be tested?
  • I don’t understand a specific topic/formula - Can we discuss this?
  • This reading gives me nightmares. Can we talk through it a bit?

Good luck!

Is this worth going through? As far as I can tell it has never been tested.

What should I focus on here? How could it be tested?

List-type questions seem more likely than any math problems to me, but I’m curious what others think.

EDIT: Just realized critical illness sections were previously on Specialty. What previous exams were you looking at?

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I was looking at previous Core and Advanced exams. Our learning objectives 1-3 were on Core. Learning objectives 4-5 were on Advanced.

I knew it was added. But sometimes the reading changes but the topic is the same, but if it’s a topic moved from a different exam, this is a different story. It was on specialty? Good to know! If you come across specific problems from past specialty exams let me know!

I did wind up going through it the other day because I was doing ok with regard to my personal schedule. It wasn’t bad.

I see potential for math problems as well as lists type, the reading did talk about incidence and premiums. [Both are high, face amounts are low] Most exam problems have both writing and math components anyway.

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