Report on the Proposed 2016 Cancer Claim Cost Valuation Tables

Use this thread to discuss ANYTHING and EVERYTHING related to this syllabus reading.
Some possible questions include:

  • How can this reading be tested?
  • I don’t understand a specific topic/formula - Can we discuss this?
  • This reading gives me nightmares. Can we talk through it a bit?

Good luck!

Question 2b of the Spring 2019 Specialty Exam tests this topic, and it sucks.

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yeah, it definitely is a sucky question. I’m hoping that if they do test it on our exam, that it would be more straightforward and not some “connect this reading to an ASOP” type of bullsh*t.
Every time I see a question that pertains to an ASOP, I cringe a little. So little knowledge that is applicable, just crap that you have to regurgitate…
Unfortunately doing the past few exams, it seems like there are always a couple of ASOP questions somewhere.
I guess if I try to see it from a positive standpoint, it can be easy points if you know the stuff by heart, no need to think just spit out what you know.