Spring 2019 - Exam Progress


Welcome to the Spring 2019 Exam Progress Thread!

Exam Date : Friday, May 3, 2019
Registration Deadline : Monday, March 25, 2019

Has anyone started preparing yet for ERM in the Spring? What’s your study plan look like?

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Where are others at right now re: their studying? I’m a bit behind and just wanted to see where others are at? Time to go into high gear now for the next 3 months!


I have not yet started due to busy season. Unfortunate!


I just finished going through the reading summaries for the first time and practice questions for each of the learning objectives. I’m using XP Actuarial.


@FSAim You still have lots of time but in my opinion it will be important that you are as efficient with your remaining time as possible. What’s your study plan? One thing that worked well for me when I was studying was to wake up early and try and get in an hour before work. I always found that I was sharpest in the morning right after sleeping and resting (coffee helped me :coffee: too to wake up :sleeping:). An hour in the morning for me = about 2 hours after work due to being sharper. Also, one hour in the morning on working days equals 5 hr/week, 22.5 hr/month, meaning about 70 hrs for the remaining time until the exam. Those 70 hrs could make a huge difference! You can do it, and if want to discuss study strategy, we’re all here to help you!

@codybaldauf Good job! Sounds like you’re on a great pace! Make sure to continue to challenge yourself to understand the concepts from as many perspectives as possible via reading summaries, source readings, practice or past exam questions, and forum discussion.


The case study has been released