Watercooler Talk


This area is to help give us a break from studying, and have fun chatting about anything and everything non-exam related!



I’m in! The is completely unrelated to studying (which I guess is the point of this section), but it’s something I think everyone should know: there was a Batman villain named The Actuary. I’d bet that this is how we all view ourselves :slight_smile:




@PaulP, if you’re into comic books… Do you prefer the DC or Marvel movies?


Oh, Marvel, by a MILE! That said, I like DC comic books more by an equal margin. Superman is my favorite comic book hero of all time.

I grew up before the Marvel Boom of the 2000’s, and while I think Marvel was more popular in terms of numbers when I was reading comics, DC was always the ones the “cool kids” read. Looking back on it, of course, we were all nerds :smile:

Same question to you! If you like comics, that is.


I haven’t read any of the comic books but love the movies. Can’t wait for Avengers 4!


Is anyone here a baseball fan?:baseball: I am a huge baseball fan, and love my Toronto Blue Jays! :bird: They just traded away there best pitcher to the New York Yankees! :disappointed: I guess we’re in rebuilding mode now! :building_construction:

J.A. Happ traded to New York Yankees


Any excited plans for the weekend? I’m going to a wedding :smiley:


Hello from Seattle! Checking out the Mariners game tonight before the Fellowship Admissions Course on Monday! :baseball: