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Welcome to the Fellowship Forums, a modern forum platform that prioritizes organization, structure, and ease of finding information! The forum is organized into 4 main categories:

  1. The Learning Center is for discussion about specific readings that are on the syllabus. Don’t understand a definition? Have a question about an underlying concept? Discuss it here!

  2. In the Exam Center students can test and time themselves on past exams, and also discuss past exam questions. If you disagree with a model solution, or don’t understand what a question is asking, use this section to clear things up!

    We’ve also created the functionality to filter past exam question by topic! Click the Past Exams by Topics button on the homepage to check this out.

  3. In the Collaboration Center, students can openly discuss anything and everything related to the exam preparation process. From sharing study techniques, to how far you are into your studying, you can even rant about how freaking hard these exams can be!

  4. Finally, the Case Study section is designed to house discussion involving the ERM case study.

User Status System:
It’s simple. The more you participate in the forum, the more content you unlock. We’ve created four user level status’s: Rookie, Student, Expert, Legend. Progress through the ranks by being an active member in the community, and unlock more content to give yourself an edge in passing this exam!

Forum Rules:

Rule 1: No question is a stupid question! If a concept or question confuses you, it’s likely someone else also has the same question and would benefit from reading discussion. Don’t be afraid to ask your questions here, small or large!

Rule 2: Please try to place your posts in the appropriate category. For example, any post related to a particular Syllabus Reading should be in that particular reading’s topic.

Rule 3: Be respectful of other people’s opinions and ideas. We encourage debate and having different opinions, but present your case tactfully. This is a community.

Rule 4: Lastly, have fun! These exams are brutal as it is, so let’s conquer these exams together by working collaboratively and enjoying each other’s company.